Before you decide to let your property, there are a few essential tasks to help you maximise price and reduce expenses.


The property and your contest must be sufficiently insured, both while the property is empty and while it’s let. Insurers require that you tell them of any changes in occupation or insurance needs as they may result in invalid cover.


We have a tremendous demand for unfurnished properties. However, we have found thousands of tenants happy with their furnished accommodation.


Security systems (sufficient locks on external doors, windows, lights, and even fully alarmed systems) are often considered essential by tenants and protect your property.

Insurance companies will highly consider your security systems when calculating your insurance premiums.


If you choose SLM to be your managing agent, three sets of keys will need to be provided.

Two sets for the tenant/s and one set for our office. If you choose a Let-Only ar Letting and Rent Management Service, keys will need to be provided to the office to conduct viewings but will be given back to you once the transaction is completed.

Decorations and Carpet

To achieve the quickest and the best rental income, we recommend using fresh and neutral colours when decorating the property. 

Higher quality properties attract better quality tenants, so the property must be well presented. 


The property must be handed over in clean condition. We strongly recommend that the property is professionally cleaned. It creates the standard that the tenant should leave it in at the end of the tenancy.

If you require a cleaning service, we can arrange it for you. Contact Us for more details.


If a telephone line is installed at the property, you should instruct the provider to temporary stop the line when you vacate and send you a closing account.

Gas, Electric and Water

Under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, Tenants must control and regulate heating systems.

If you decide to choose Fully Management Service, we will arrange for the transfer into tenants name/s.

Council Tax

The landlord should contact the council tax office of the changes in occupier and any void periods between tenancies.

If you decide to choose Fully Management Service, we will arrange for the transfer into tenants name/s.