What type of references do I need?

SLM will reference you through a registered referencing company.

Do I have to contact the utility companies after I move in?

You can choose the utility company of your choice, or Letting London Properties can organise a call to you from a utility comparison company.

What’re the ways to pay rent?

We are accepting bank standing orders only.

I can’t pay rent on time. What’s next?

You must call the office who will liaise between you and your landlord.

Whom do I speak to if I have problems with my tenancy?

Please get in touch with the SLM administration department, and we will be happy to help you resolve any issues.

How do I serve notice to vacate my property?

You must serve your notice to vacate in writing to the office or landlord. The details are in your contact.

How do I renew my contract?

Our agent will contact you two months before your tenancy ends to discuss whether you wish to renew your contract.

I don’t know how to manage the end of the tenancy process?

You will be given full instructions by email at the end of the tenancy process 14 days before the end of the contract.

Do I have to hire a professional cleaner for the end of my tenancy?

Your contract will state whether the property needs to be professionally clean at the end of the tenancy.

Where should I return the keys?

The keys will be collected from you at the end of the tenancy check out date.

When should I close my utility accounts?

Your utility accounts must be closed on your moving out date and meter reading given to the check out clerk.

Can I leave unwanted furniture on the property?

No. Property must be left on this same condition, as when you move in.

Can I collect my post after I have vacated the property?

You must organize a re-direction mail service before your move-out date. SLM will not hold any mail left at the property.

Can you give me references?

You will need to contact the administration department of SLM.

Is my deposit protected?

Yes. You will receive the deposit within ten days unless the landlord makes deductions.

What happens if I disagree with my Landlord proposed deductions?

Your deposit protection company will deal with landlord and tenant disputes.

If you have got any more questions, Contact Us!