Archi Ssan Residing in Streatham for 59 years

Being a lifelong resident of Stratham and having gone through a few properties in my time, I was never that inclined to engage estate agents in the past.

Recently I retired on the income of a rental property which my son was originally managing, but it didn’t work out in a dramatically destructive way. I was highly stressed from the experience and had little confidence that I could sort out the mess my son had created.

SLM was the only estate agent I approached at this time of crisis, just because a good friend had spoken highly of them. I wasn’t expecting much and would have been pleased if they only provided the client centered necessities of running an estate agent rather than prioritise their own advancement.

Well rather than go into details, I would generally say that SLM have been just brilliant! They provided such a quality of service that I have been deeply surprised, particularly in the care and support they so willingly provide. It has made such a huge difference to handling difficult and unusual problems that I now feel this eager to express my views about it here.

Beyond this exceptional customer service, I also see they hold a depth of knowledge in the local market that would give any client an advantage in making their choices. Over the years, I’ve also noticed how SLM have continually remained operating whilst other estate agents in the area came and went.

Whatever your needs in property, be it buying or selling your home, renting a place or letting and managing; you may be pleasantly surprised at just how professional and helpful SLM are.